Equestrian planner 2021

Equestrian planner The Horse Riders 2021
(4th edition)

The Horse Riders equestrian diary is back with a 4th edition that is even prettier than in previous years. It allows riders to have follow-up from January to December on everything concerning their equestrian life. For the cover of this new edition, I created a drawing in one line, presented in gilding on the diary.

The diary, always more and more complete, presents the same essential pages, but also new features:

  • Classic presentation page, calendars, photos,
  • Annual, monthly objectives, wishlist…
  • Care monitoring, competitions, progress graphs,
  • various activity trackers, monthly, annual, budgets,
  • Summaries of months, sessions, exercises, memories,
  • Exercise ideas, professional advice,
  • and even more….

In addition to the diary, new stationery is available. So I had the opportunity to create:

  • The THR care log, which allows precise and detailed monitoring of your horse’s health thanks to detailed sections
  • The THR competition kit, composed of a notebook dedicated to the competition, to note future competitions, the results of previous ones, its evolution, aids for the organization of competition days, etc… as well as a pad to detachable sheets to organize equipment checks and competition days.
  • A cover for a simple notebook.


My missions on this project:

Complete production of the equestrian diary, the care book, the competition book, the competition notepad, the layout, the illustrations, up to the PDF assembly for delivery in printer format… In addition, I I also completely redid the brand logo. You can find this project here.

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