About me

I’m a creative. The kind of girl who imagine ten thousand projects per minute. The one with a touch of madness and humor, always ready to chat with you.

As far back as I can remember, I’ve always had a passion for drawing. I drew stuff on piles of draft sheets. And this is still the case today! During my studies, I turned to the “web world” in order to “draw” websites, because graphic design is – in my opinion – a way like any other to create. And I made it my job after obtaining my master’s degree in web management.

Simultaneously,  I never stopped drawing, in the old way, on paper, on canvas, with paint, pastel, felt… Impossible to live without this passion. Quickly, I offered to carry out freelance illustration projects and “hop”, the story begins. Today my artistic style has become more refined, with a strong preference for animal hyper-realism. But I don’t know how to stay with only one style, I need to try everything, try new styles and new mediums. It is thanks to this wanderlust that I can offer you a bit of everything. And that’s so nice!

I can’t thank enough my equestrian community, born from a small blog, which today is an endless source of work projects, each as cool as the next. Even if I work in all types of areas, I must admit that most of it is equestrian, for my greatest pleasure!

PS: I am currently looking for new professional opportunities as an employee as well as in freelance!

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