Equestrian planner 2020

Equestrian planner The Horse Riders 2020
(3rd edition)

The Horse Riders is the first stationery brand dedicated to riders. Third year for this equestrian diary, which has become a must-have on equestrian social networks. A very floral design for this third year of publication, with soft, spring colors.

This year we are adding new items to the collection, with 3 new stationery items, namely:

  • A Daily planner, in the form of a detachable block, to organize your riding sessions, including the summary of the session, enough to draw the exercises and list your tasks.
  • A Weekly planner, in the form of a desk pad, to organize your weeks. This block is double-sided: a classic weekly diary side, and a more fun side to organize your tasks, your objectives, note your motivations and good memories.
  • A To-do list, in the form of a very simple detachable block to note the objectives and tasks to be carried out.

In addition to these 3 new elements, the equestrian planner is even more expanded with new practical pages for riders.

  • Pages presentations, horses, riders, recipes…
  • Competition and work objectives with evolution graphs,
  • Monitoring of interventions by the veterinarian, the farrier, the osteopath, etc.
  • Session reports, exercise ideas and notes,
  • Pages of practical advice and tips,
  • Budget pages and monthly summaries,
  • And many more pages…


My missions on this project:

Complete creation of the notebook, as well as the three notepads: layout, design, cover in a floral watercolor style, illustrations, PDF assembly for delivery in printer format…

  • Client : The Horse Riders
  • Date : production and sales 2019
  • Website : thehorseriders-shop.com
  • Dimensions : A5
  • Number of pages : + than 180 pages
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