Equestrian planner 2019

Equestrian planner The Horse Riders 2019
(2nd edition)

The Horse Riders is the first stationery brand dedicated to riders. For this second edition, Le Planner Equestre radically changes its design and becomes much more adult. Horse owners, riders, boarding managers, everyone who revolves around horses is concerned by this notebook.

This return announces a great success for the first year. This year, there are more than 160 pages allowing riders to manage their daily lives and their objectives.

  • Presentations of horses, riders…
  • Competition and work objectives
  • Monitoring of results, care…
  • Session reports, exercise ideas
  • Advice pages offered by professionals,
  • Budget pages, materials, etc…
  • And many more pages…


My missions on this project:

Entire creation of the notebook, layout, design, illustrations, pdf assembly for delivery in printer format…

My role in this project was therefore the entire creation of the notebook: layout, design, a lot of illustrations, etc. This year, the cover was illustrated by an external illustrator.

  • Client : The Horse Riders
  • Date : production ad sales 2018
  • Website : thehorseriders-shop.com
  • Dimensions : A5
  • Number of pages : + than 180 pages
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